Cricket Betting Offers 2022-Find Best Offer On Betting Sites

Betting offers are provided by various sportsbooks aka online betting sites, being an excellent chance for punters who want the promotions in their cricket betting world. Learning how to use the promotions and bonus is one of the crucial things at cricket betting. Let’s take a look at the general ideas of betting offers, so that you can collect enough knowledge to understand the differences.

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What is Betting offer?

Betting Offer Details

Why do I need to check Betting Offer?

Types of cricket Betting offers

cricket betting offers

Betting offer means the programs that bookmakers provide to punters like you. Take cricket betting for example, a free bet on ODI for the new starter is a type of cricket betting offer.

When you are browsing the betting sites, you will definitely encounter a vast range of betting offers. Each bookmaker has their own set of betting offers, which usually starts with a welcome bonus to new starters. Besides, plenty of other offers await interested punters, you may also call it promotion.

The challenge is in finding the offers that suit you the most, and navigating the pitfalls of bonus conditions.

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Considering all of these cricket betting offers that you will possibly meet, how do you pick the best cricket betting offers? Are they even worthy for you to spend time?

The more flexibility a betting offer has, the easier it is to meet bonus requirements and eventually be able to withdraw the bonus amount as cash. So, here is what to look out for as a general guideline.


Is your bonus or free bets chances restricted to specific sports and markets? Are you joining a betting site for cricket betting with a huge percentage of welcome bonus, while the bonus can only be use on football betting?

Type of Bets

Are you restricted to single or accumulator bets? If so, that would be not so ideal for you. Though it is not a dealbreaker either, especially if all the other aspects are offering a lot of flexibility.

Bonus expirations

If the bonus is only valid for 7 days, that make less abundance for you and you may want to stay clear. The suggested minimum should be 30 days.

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Wagering requriements

Bonus cash for sports offers should require no more than 5x or 6x rollover. Anything beyond that is difficult to achieve. Free bets should have no wagering requirements, though sometimes it is 1x.

Cricket Betting amount

Bigger is not better in this case. You still have to take smaller match deposits or free bets, as they are easier to convert.

Minimum odds

Make sure to check if there are minimum odds you need to comply with. Ideally, there are none. But if you do have to adhere to them, make sure they are not unreasonably bad.

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Generally, the basic functions of a sportsbook are similar to each other. The most obvious differences are always the odds and betting offers. There is a certain range of betting odds as those bookies might have the close speculation on a match, while the betting offer will be more varied as an attractive element to  punters or potential punters. 

In other words, cricket betting offers are the tool that sportsbooks utilize to occupy their market share. That’s why they will try hard to figure out the possible betting offers punters may like. It is actually a win-win situation for both bookies and punters. 

By checking the different cricket betting offers before you place a cricket bet, you may have a chance to get extra bonus, free stake for cricket bets, or even a refund from losing a bet.

From the other aspect, we can also say that cricket betting offers have a function of balancing. Betting offers make punters move from a bookie to another, so that the better conditions of online betting can be provided.

So make sure you’ve checked at least 2 cricket betting offers from 2~3 sportsbooks, because their promotions might possibly get you extra money!

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cricket betting offer

There are a lot of different types of cricket betting offers, and you can always find one or more than one that you prefer. Here we are going to make a general overview which helps you to understand the types of betting offers more, helping you to clarify your love cricket betting-offer.

Welcome Offer/Welcome Bonus/Sign up Offer

This is maybe the most common one, because you may always see the promotion of welcome bonus on the landing page or homepage of a sportsbook. Also, as a new starter of online cricket betting, this will be the very first betting offer that you encounter.

Typically, the condition of getting a welcome bonus is your first deposit. The common way is to give you a percentage of bonus funds on top of your deposit.

30%~200% is the approximate range of welcome bonus, while it might come with different claiming terms from different sportsbooks. Remember not only to check the percentage of welcome bonus, but also the claiming conditions of this betting offer.

Some sportsbooks even have seperate welcome bonuses on different sports betting or live  casinos. Making good use of this betting offer might gain you extra stake on cricket betting.

Free Bets

Free bets are another common cricket betting offer. Normally, you will get a certain amount of stake provided by a sportsbook, and it can be seen as an extra bankroll for you to give it a try. You won’t lose your own money if you lose the bet with free bets, so this is actually a good chance for you to try something different.

For example, if you usually like to bet on the winning team in a cricket match, maybe you can try to have a prop bet like the even or odd of total score this time with the free bets offer.

Odds Boosts

This type of betting offer often appears on a specific sport, and it allows you to place your bet with a special better odds. By the odds boost, you can also see if the sportsbook focuses on a certain sport or not. For example, if you frequently see a sportsbook offer odds boost on cricket, then cricket betting will be relatively an important part of their business. 

Odds boost sometimes be offered on specific sport, while sometimes it might be put on a certain event to attract the target punters like you. That is to say if you use a cricket dominated platform, it’s possible that they will make odds boost in cricket betting offers.

Cashback Offers

Cashbacks are available in some online betting websites, and they offer a certain percentage of  your losses back in real cash. The common range of this cricket betting offer is between 5%~25%.

It seems to be not too much, but it’s actually a kind of insurance in your online cricket betting journey. You cannot expect you can win every bet, but the returning rule can lower your loss.

Risk-free Bonus

This kind of betting offer appears in both free bets or welcome offers. Some promotions allow you to place your first bet as a free bet, and you can receive the refund as the same value stake if you lose the first bet.

On the other hand, if you win the first bet with this risk-free bonus, you might possibly be able to take it as your stake for the next bet.

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