Top 5 Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners in India 2022

Because of the development of technology, online cricket betting has been a wild and crazy entertainment that spread globally. Here are the online cricket betting tips and guide mainly for beginners.

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How to start Online Cricket Betting?

What is Bookmaker?

Top 5 Cricket Betting Tips for beginners

What are Options of cricket betting?

Cricket betting glossary

What are the common banking options?


Here are simple steps that you need to do to start you online cricket betting journey.

Step1:Choose a Bookmaker

It’s a very important step of your cricket betting journey, so keep your eyes open when you make decisions. A good cricket betting site aka a bookmaker will offer you the best odds, making the whole process smooth like silk, and even giving you abundant bonus and promotions frequently.

We have arranged some important indicators of choosing an online cricket betting site that suits you, click the links above and you might find something useful.

Step2-Download an APP and register an account

In this mobile era, most cricket betting platforms have their own APP both on Android and iOS, instead of simply asking you to use a laptop via browser. Once you’ve selected a certain bookmaker, you may register an account.

They might ask you to provide some personal information like phone number, bank account or credit card number, and so on. Don’t panic because that’s a normal procedure. They need to make sure that you are a real person instead of a robot or fake ID. If it concerns you with the privacy issues, there are always privacy policies and using terms & conditions. You should read them through carefully before you send out your personal info.

Step3-Deposit in your account at the bookmaker

After having an account and app, you may start to deposit. That means you have to put money in as your first cricket betting bankroll.

There are always various payment methods that can be used, and it’s getting more convenient. Besides the traditional payments like credit cards, some bookmakers even accept E-wallet like Paypal or Paytm, or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also remember to check if the deposit and withdrawal payments are the same, or it will bother you when you want to take your stake out.

Step4-Place your first cricket bet

When you are going to place your first cricket bet, I assume that you’ve already known the meanings of the main terms and numbers. If you are not quite sure about that, the info here about glossary & odds might give you a general review and call your memory back. 

Also, since there will be a large number of betting options on the sports betting sites, you should find the category “cricket” first, and find the market/tournament you want. You may collect the events you want in your ”betslip.” A betslip is an online ticket that helps you create a selection of your sports bets.

Step5-Withdraw your winnings

Once your cricket bets win, you can withdraw your winnings by using the withdrawal methods available to you. The most commonly used withdrawal methods are Debit/Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Entropay etc.

Since we’ve mentioned that banking methods are getting more convenient, you may use the same method as your deposit in most cases.

Hooray! Now you have enough knowledge to be a well-informed punter, and you may start your first online cricket betting now! Enjoy!

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Basically, a bookmaker is the platform who offers you a place and options to bet on. You can say they are the websites that make you be able to play online cricket betting. Online cricket websites are mostly bookmakers, as they actually offer various types of sports and events. Each bookmaker has their own odds for every event they have, which always depends on the possible result and probabilities of a sports match.

Some bookmakers which are on a large scale might also provide service of online gaming or online casino, so that you can kill some time when there’s no match you focus on.

Because there are a large number of bookmakers around the world, it is common to see them offer a welcome bonus or special payback as the promotion. So remember to check the bonus and promotion before you choose the platform you’re going to bet on.

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No matter what you bet on is always winning or not, you may think of a lot of conditions related to the result of matches. Soon after that, you may want to know some tips, so that  the tips can improve your betting performance. Here are the basic tips for beginners like you, you’re welcome!

1.Do Some Research by Yourself

It is always better to browse the latest Cricket News as much as possible before you place your online cricket betting. Check out those great and objestive cricket information websites frequently.

Once you have a general picture for the market or series you focus on, it will be easier for you to place your cricket betting soon. What’s more, you can share your ideas with friends or family who also care about cricket matches and cricket betting.

Doing research by yourself allows you to build a general concept of online cricket betting. Also, if you find there are some prediction and reviews on all kinds of cricket betting sites or relative info sites like us, you can compare the report of each other.

2.Mind the Pitch Conditions

The condition of a pitch will always have an impact on what bets are likely to be winning wagers. During a Test match, the pitch will naturally become more worn. It usually means it’s gets harder to score runs on and provides more support to spin bowlers on the fielding team.

How good a pitch is will have a big impact on scoring rates in short-format matches as well, so always take this into your consideration.

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3.Try ODI as Your First Betting Startup

It is relatively easy for a beginner to win by ODI (One Day Internationals), because the statistics and infromation are very easy to be found. The data and rankings are more opening and be shared widely on the Internet. You will be able to practice your choosing skills and cricket betting sense by ODI.

If you want to improve yourself a little bit, searching for the statistics and determine which odds are a good one, which based on the offer of bookmakers. Sometimes you might find yourself even smarter and clearer than some of the so-called experts.

4.Check Odds from Different Sportsbook

Generally, every sports betting site offers different odds that bettors can use as their reference. These odds help determine the underdogs and the popular options of fans. They also calculate the potential prize for bettors, so that they will be able to know how much they might make from a bet.

You must check different odds from different sports betting sites, so that you will have a general picture of the average value. It’s like shopping. People who evaluate the price from different stores will get the best offer.

5.Organize Your Bankroll

To see your own bankroll is clear or not will decide if you make money or not in the long term. It’s uncertain for your every bet, while you can make the ratio increase gradually. Therefore, it’s better that you set a special bankroll especially for cricket betting.

Also, cricket betting is actually like an investment for you, so it’s important for you to know every consequence after the matches end. Managing your bankroll of cricket betting keep your money flow in a stable way.

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cricket betting offer
Best cricket betting bonus

Since there more variations of online cricket betting, it is no longer restricted to betting on the winning team. Nowadays, the process of predicting the match result has expanded its variants by including multiple factors like performance of a bowler, highest runs scored by a batsman, total score in an inning, etc. With so many betting options available, the winning odds have risen as well. Large betting possibilities arisen due to introduction of various types of bets in cricket is why even beginners end up making the most of their wagering.

What started as a bet on winning team or prediction of the winner has now become an exciting and entertaining bundle of options, ranging from betting on winner of the tournament, match odds, best bowler, top batsman, highest inning runs and etc.

The table below are the most common options of online cricket betting.

Match OutcomeBest Bowler
Top BatsmanToss Winner
Maximum SixesMaximum Fours
Maximum Score in an InningsPartnership bet
Man of the MatchPredicting Top Score

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A sportsbook is a place where a gambler can wager on various sports competitions, including cricket, football, basketball, baseball, horse racing, boxing, etc. The method of betting varies with the sport and the type of game.


A bookmaker, or bookie, is an organization or a person that accepts and pays off bets on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds.


An event in online betting usually refers to certain or tournament. For example, IPL, T20, ODI are all events.


To back a team to win or support it. Backing a team to win by betting on it is called BACK.


To bet or predict that particular betting outcome will not take place. This bet makes a member partial bookmaker as the person has to pay the fixed odds on losing. Here you bet that a particular team wont win no matter which other team wins.

Betting Exchange

A market place where betting odds are fixed. Betting exchange service allows members to either BACK a bet as better or be the bookmaker and Lay the bet.


The team which is expected to lose the match. For example, Ireland was a huge underdog when they managed to win in the ICC World Cup match against the West Indies few years ago.


Getting the best possible odds on a bet.

Most Match Sixes

Punters choose which of the two teams will hit the most sixes (a shot which passes over or touches the boundary without having bounced or rolled).

Dead Heat

A situation in which there are two or more winners in a betting event. For example, if there are two batsmen with the same number of runs, dead heat rules apply and the bet is worth half the original stake.

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To make it really convenient for punters to join online cricket betting, there are more and more banking options for both deposit and withdrawal. You are able to choose your favourite one. This not only influences your stake, but also connects to your user experience.

Therefore, banknig option is also a standard for you to choose your bookmaker. Normally, most bookmakers accept multiple banking options below:

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are the swiftest and most convenient types of online banking. You don’t need to create another account to fund money to your betting site and there is less hassle, because everything is done through your Credit Card, which can be managed through transaction history and bank details. But Credit Cards aren’t a winner for everyone, as in some countries law restricts a user to use Credit Card for online betting or gambling. Make sure you read the Banking terms and conditions of your preferred or selected bookmaker.

Pre-paid Cards

Prepaid vouchers or cards are also quite popular among many users making online transactions with merchants like betting sites. What makes prepaid cards like Ukash or PaySafeCard easy and user friendly is the fact that they are like vouchers that can be easily purchased through local shop or store, they do not charge extra fee but the amount you want to fund, they do not require you to give your Credit Card details or Bank information.


eWallets or electronic wallets are one of the most preferred means of funding an online cricket betting site. eWallets are safe, quick and easy they also have various other added advantages to them. Unlike Credit Cards, there are less restrictions to eWallet usage. Even if your region does not support one eWallet, there are many others to choose from. Paypal,Paytm and google pay are eWallets for example.

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